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December 5, 2011
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The return of Prince Blueblood, part 1 by PluckyNinja The return of Prince Blueblood, part 1 by PluckyNinja
So, after watching "Sweet and Elite" this weekend, I couldn't help but notice that Prince Blueblood has finally made his return to the MLP:FIM canon, although it was somewhat unceremonious despite the fact that there is clearly a fair bit of story going on there. I know that the episodes don't necessarily get aired in chronological order so perhaps this will all be explained by the show later, but for all intents and purposes it appears that Blueblood and Rarity became friends during the latter's stay in Canterlot. I felt like that left some big gaps in the story, and I decided to make a comic to fill in those gaps.

Essentially, I am starting with Blueblood's first appearance during Rarity's latest musical number, and I'm assuming that's the first time she's seen him since last year's Grand Galloping Gala. Last time she saw him she made it pretty clear she never wanted to see him again, so I wanted to make sure she had an at least somewhat realistic reaction to meeting him again. If you are a Blueblood fan I apologize for him playing the part of buttmonkey in this page, but I promise it's going to get better! We've still got a few pages to go, and this is going to be a story about forgiveness, so keep that in mind. ;)
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Disneycow82 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I always thought Prince Blueblood had that coming for being a royal douchebag from the start.
BleedmanWorld Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
yeah I hate Prince Blueblood is real coward and selfish
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
He totally had it coming for being an ass to Rarity last time they saw each other.
M-Veers Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
AAAAAND watched
Shady-Daze Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Maybe he was going have more manners, like those British Men.
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
Heh, he had it coming.
SnowTheIcyKitty Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, fight fight fight!
Doctorwholovesthe80s Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
I agree with you. If Blueblood makes a new appearance, he needs to have a scene with Rarity to make some sort of closure or something. The writers can't ignore stuff like this.
SugarNSpice222 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Go Rarity!
FLutterlover123 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
FALCON PUNCH activate!!!
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